Happy Thanksgiving from Sterling Volunteers

Posted Friday, November 16th, 2018 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to celebrate what we are thankful for in our lives. At Sterling Volunteers, we asked the team to reflect and share some of their thoughts of gratitude. Enjoy!

As we enter into the holiday season, I think about the kindness we see every day. I’m so impressed by the organizations we partner with, all of whom are doing their part to make the world a little safer and help all they interact with feel appreciated. I’m also grateful for my family, particularly my three girls, who volunteer their time and talents to support nonprofits they are passionate about.

Katie Zwetzig
Executive Director

I am grateful for good health, loving friends/family, nature, beauty, art/culture and each day. I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with incredible nonprofits, who make the world a better place.

Pam Sutton
Senior Account Manager

I am thankful that I get to partner with some of the most impactful nonprofits in the U.S., big and small! Every day I get to help smooth the path for volunteers nationwide to deploy quickly and serve those most in need.

Laura Stroud
Implementation Manager

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers that make our world a better place. From mission trips to mentoring, I get to witness the spirit of service daily!

Christina Brown
VP, Client Experience

I am truly thankful to have a job that gives me an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and impacts the greater good.

Jan Patrice Tandez
Business Relationship Executive

I have peace of mind working for a company that is dedicated to creating safer environments for volunteers to work in. I am grateful to work with such supportive partners who recognize the importance a quality screening program plays in establishing higher standards and helping protect all the devoted people serving the nonprofit sector.

Kimberly Chochon
VP, Partnerships

I am grateful to be part of a team that collaborates daily to provide top quality service to volunteers and the nonprofit community. As a software developer, I am most thankful to learn and use my skillset while making it easy to bring nonprofits and vetted volunteers together.

Gerald Bryant
Software Development Engineer

I am thankful to work for a company dedicated to building stronger communities. As a result, I serve my community through volunteerism and help my clients to provide safe environments.

Kim Johnson
Account Manager

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that helps others. It adds joy and meaning to my everyday life.

Knell-Mee Atis
Client Services Representative

Sterling Volunteers gives me the opportunity to see the world in the best perspective. Now, I’m always looking for something to make better. Working with volunteers reaches a part of me to become the best version of myself to help and to touch lives.

Emmanuel Paz
Client Services Representative

I am thankful to work for a company that allows me to use my talents to impact community-based organizations all over the country. The opportunity to support those that heed the call to be a driving force for change and goodness in the world is great motivation for coming to work every day.

Greg Soffe
Director of Business Operations

I am thankful to work with such a wonderful team dedicated to the shared desire of making a difference for those that most need it.

Beverly McIntosh
VP, Strategic Programs