Our Volunteer Community Helps You Help Others

It shouldn’t take days or weeks or multiple forms to verify your eligibility to volunteer. Volunteering should be easy - and now it is with Sterling Volunteers.

Our platform serves as an online community for dedicated, repeat volunteers to find new opportunities and organizations to work with. It’s also the best way to complete your volunteer screening process quickly and get to work making a difference.

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There’s no cost to join our volunteer community.

You only pay for your background check.

Designed With You In Mind

Sterling Volunteers was created by a team of lifelong volunteers to solve some common problems: 1) Difficulty finding volunteer opportunities that align with your personal purpose; and 2) the painfully slow process of being OK’d and verified to work for a volunteer program.

We’re proud to say that our platform and volunteer community solves both problems. Now, in one place, you can find volunteer opportunities that fit with your purpose and abilities as well as dramatically speed up your volunteer screening by providing the organization with a verified background check in advance.

Shareable Background Checks

If you want to volunteer more than once and with multiple organizations, consider securely sharing your background check with an unlimited number of organizations within the Sterling Volunteers community to reduce the need for repeat screenings. It can save time and costs for you and the organizations you care about.


Volunteers seeking more information about Sterling Volunteers, our services and our partnerships should contact us directly by emailing theadvocates@sterlingvolunteers.com or calling 855-326-1860 Option 1.

We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer community.