Volunteer Screening & Background Checks

Our volunteer screening services are designed to fit the unique needs of today’s service sector. We understand that not all nonprofits and service organizations are alike—in mission or structure—so a “one size fits all” volunteer background check won’t work.

Our online platform lets you and your volunteers control the volunteer screening process, making it as simple, fast, and cost-efficient as possible.

Best of all, the straightforward nature of our background checks ensures your volunteers are not inconvenienced in any way. With Sterling Volunteers, you can rest assured you’ll get the right people to work right away.

Volunteer Screening That Fits Your Needs

Using our on-demand platform, your volunteers are able to directly control the submission process while you get to choose which screening elements are included in their background checks.

You and your organization have 24/7 access to our volunteer screening services. Using our standardized screening levels, you can tailor your volunteer screening based on the task your volunteers will be asked to perform as well as the people they’ll be working with.

Bringing On Groups Of Volunteers?

A challenge for many service organizations—especially those with seasonal or sporadic needs—is onboarding large numbers of volunteers quickly. Screening large groups of volunteers is too unwieldy for organizations with small teams and scarce resources.

Partnering with Sterling Volunteers reduces the costs and headaches associated with large-scale volunteer screening. Our on-demand process frees up your time and people to focus on what matters most: Your mission.

Complete the form below to found out how Sterling Volunteers can help manage the volunteer screening process, no matter if you’re onboarding two or 200 volunteers.

Your Volunteer Screening Just Got Easier

Use our simple, online screening process to get started today.

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