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Background Checks For Healthcare Volunteers

Healthcare providers of all sizes and missions rely on volunteers to fill an important role when it comes to the care they provide to their patients. And with lives often on the line, background checks for healthcare volunteers are absolutely essential. They must be front of mind and top priority during the volunteer onboarding process, not minimalized or left to inexperienced staff to carry out. That’s why so many organizations turn to Sterling Volunteers for reliable, cost-efficient background checks for healthcare volunteers.

Healthcare volunteers are often civilians, not doctors or nurses. Even if they are in contact with the same patients, they may not need the same level of screening as healthcare professionals do. Still, background checks for healthcare volunteers must be comprehensive to ensure the physical and emotional safety of patients and staff. With Sterling Volunteers background screens, you’ll be confident in the accuracy of the information provided to you. And we provide it quickly – so you know as soon as possible whether a healthcare volunteer should be allowed near patients and staff.

Best of all, our services are designed to not only provide the highest level of accuracy in the shortest turnaround times possible, but they also are designed to fit within the constrained budgets of many healthcare providers and health-related service organizations. In short, we specialize in helping different healthcare organizations build screening programs that fit their unique needs and mission. Let us know how we can help you.

Sterling Volunteers provides background checks for healthcare volunteers working at:

  • Private & Nonprofit Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Hospice Care & Nursing Homes
  • Disaster Relief Organizations
  • Rehab & Recovery Centers
  • And others…

Some Of Our Healthcare Clients

Here is a sample of just a few of the healthcare providers and health-related service organizations that partner with Sterling Volunteers for rapid, accurate background screening of volunteers.

Bon Secours Alive Hospice Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
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