A Better Volunteer Background Check.

It Starts with Sterling Volunteers.

The Highest Level of Accuracy & Best-in-Class Compliance

Sterling Volunteers offers background checks of the highest quality and accuracy. We use proprietary technology and a set of unique criminal locators to find more criminal records at America’s county and state courthouses and to deliver the most accurate information available about your volunteers.

We are expanding the breadth and depth of the background checks that have typically been offered to volunteer programs. Our screening process goes far beyond the stale, instant database background checks and incomplete searches of other providers. And, with our optional indentity verification service, you can make identity verifcation the foundation of your volunteer screening and confirm a volunteer’s identity at the start of the screening process.

Sterling Volunteers offers standardized screening levels for service organizations and nonprofits. You get to choose the screening option that fits each volunteer’s role and duties. Plus, volunteer information is updated for you free of charge each month for the first year.

What’s more, we go the extra mile to ensure compliance with all applicable background screening laws. We are the experts in local, state, and federal legislation – so you don’t have to be. And our background checks are housed in a completely secure environment and are fully FCRA compliant.

Your Volunteer Screening Just Got Easier

Use our simple, online screening process to get started today.

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Easier Volunteer Management

Remove the heavy burden of volunteer screening from your volunteer manager and your organization. With our easy volunteer communication tools, you can direct volunteers to our platform to order their background checks. They do it themselves in a few short minutes via a secure online environment.

You can also have your volunteers pay for all or a portion of their background checks — or even ask for an optional contribution. Within a day or two, background check results are delivered right to you in our intuitive volunteer manager dashboard. And with a few clicks, you can review background checks, let your potential volunteers know whether they are eligible to serve with you or not, and sort and manage your volunteer pool.

Save With Volunteer Background Check Sharing

Your organization can securely access background checks shared by a volunteer — as a member of the trusted Sterling Volunteers community — to help fulfill opportunities and quickly mobilize volunteers. Plus, it can save time and costs for your organization.

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