How Our Online Volunteer Screening Works

The dashboard lets you manage and monitor the
online volunteer screening process.

Click. Click. And You're Done.

1. Volunteers Do It Themselves!

Once you’ve identified a potential volunteer, simply email them an invitation or direct them to a website with an embedded link. The online volunteer screening process can be initiated either way.

The potential volunteer clicks the link provided to begin the simple four-step process. During this process, the volunteer provides personal information like their address, date of birth, and social security number. It’s hassle-free – and all information volunteers share via the Sterling Volunteers platform is 100% private and secure.

Another bonus: There’s no paper forms or middleman required.

2. Easy Online Payment

With online volunteer screening, it’s just like buying a book online. When your volunteer has entered their information, it’s a simple as hitting the “checkout” button.

Plus, your organization has the power to customize your payment options:

  1. Your organization can decide to cover the entire cost of the screening.
  2. You can ask the volunteer to pay the full cost.
  3. You can split the cost between the organization and the volunteer.
  4. Or you can simply give the volunteer the option to contribute to the cost of their screening.

3. Monitor The Process

VM Dashboard

System features, like the Volunteer Manager Dashboard, allow you to monitor the entire online volunteer screening process. Send out invitations to potential volunteers, check the status of those invitations, view background check results, communicate with current volunteers, and more.

4. Get Results Fast Online

Most importantly, with Sterling Volunteers online volunteer screening, you get your screening results fast. Depending on the level of screening you’ve chosen, you can see your results in as little as 24 hours or less.

This way, you can start the volunteer onboarding process sooner and get people to work volunteering faster.

Your Volunteer Screening Just Got Easier

Use our simple, online screening process to get started today.

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