How To Find Volunteer Organizations

1. Register & Create a Profile

The Sterling Volunteers network works like LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social network. Simply sign up and create a profile (it’s free). This way the organizations you connect with can quickly view your profile and history to learn about you. Be sure to include a picture, detail your volunteer history, and describe your unique skills and talents. This will go a long way in helping you find the right volunteer organizations.

2. Order Your Background Check (optional)

Passing a volunteer background check is a requirement for nearly all service organizations, regardless of mission or focus. So, it’s in your best interest as a volunteer to get your background check out of the way early. It’ll save you time and get you to work doing the work you love sooner.

3. Explore Your Options

It’s easy for you to find volunteer organizations that fit your interests. That’s because the Sterling Volunteers network makes it easy to search for organizations based on their mission, needs, or location. Contact the organization directly if you have questions or securely share your background check.

4. Then Stay Up To Date

Be sure to check out our blog regularly to stay on top of the latest volunteer news. It’s another great way to find volunteer organizations and see which local service organizations are in or coming into the Sterling Volunteers community.

Join Now

There’s no cost to join Sterling Volunteers.

You only pay for your background screening.