Ten Low-cost, High-impact Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Posted Thursday, October 25th, 2018 by Lisa Bott, Offero Volunteer Management System

Ten Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways To Recognize Volunteers

Sterling Volunteers is pleased to have a strong partner community that consists of non-profits, technology companies and services organizations of all sizes. We are committed to creating collaborative partnerships that help streamline efficiencies, provide resources, connect people, strengthen the volunteer community and safeguard non-profit organizations.

Offero and Sterling Volunteers Partnership

One of our partners, Offero, a volunteer management system with features such as automated hour tracking, feedback tracking and the ability for participants to sign up for the activities that your volunteers are helping with, allows educators and volunteer coordinators to spend more time with people, not paper. The Offero and Sterling Volunteers’ integration gives volunteer managers a single platform to recruit, screen and onboard their volunteers.

With our partnership, we are excited to share thought leadership with Offero. Today, we are sharing a blog post written by Offero’s Lisa Bott.

High Impact Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Volunteers are the hands and feet of your organization. It’s important to recognize these important individuals for their selfless endeavors to further your cause. When funds are limited, look to these ten easy and affordable ways to show appreciation to your volunteers.

  1. Handwritten card. Whether it’s a note written just because or a card recognizing a volunteer anniversary, handwritten cards are a great way to say, “thank you”.
  2. Coffee or tea delivery. Surprise your volunteer with their favorite beverage.
  3. VIP parking. Give your Volunteer of the Month parking privileges in an upfront spot designated just for them.
  4. Volunteer awards. Recognize volunteers with personalized awards for contribution milestones, project completions, or notable attributes. Example award categories include “Most Inspirational” or “Most Willing to Go the Extra Mile”.
  5. Thank you photo frame. Take a photo of your volunteer on the job and place it in a store-bought or handmade frame that says, “thank you”. Better yet, include a photo mat and have organization employees sign it.
  6. Throw a potluck. Ask employees to each bring a dish to reward volunteers with a special meal together.
  7. Small token of appreciation. Give your volunteer a small gift related to the field in which they give their time. For example, provide your volunteer trail host with a small potted plant.
  8. Online acknowledgment. Highlight a volunteer each month and feature their story on the organization website, newsletter, or social media page.
  9. Plant a tree. Plant a tree in honor of your volunteer. They’ll enjoy watching it grow and flourish for years to come.
  10. Ask for input. Ask your volunteer if there are other areas of the organization they would like to serve or if there are additional ways you could utilize their skills. Allow them to provide feedback and consider their recommendations.

Recognizing volunteers doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Offero makes it easy to pull volunteer anniversaries, birthdays, hours, and other custom reports with the click of a button.

Manage the Volunteer Hiring Process Easier with the Integration

Both Offero and Sterling Volunteers support a high quality, effective and ethical approach to volunteer coordination. Through the integration, volunteer managers can communicate with prospective and current volunteers throughout the entire onboarding process and beyond, keeping them engaged, satisfied and active with their organizations. Look for more Offero blog posts to come.

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