3 Ways to Commemorate the National Day of Service and Remembrance

Posted Thursday, September 7th, 2017 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

Next Monday, September 11, marks the 16th anniversary of a defining moment in the history of the United States: the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. For many around the USA and the world, remembering this devastating day recalls painful memories of fear, sadness and confusion at the loss of so many lives. In the midst of these incredibly difficult moments of loss, we all ask the same question: “What can I do to help those in need?”

In remembrance of 9/11 and those we lost on that day, there are several ways you and your organization can honor their spirit and help our fellow Americans today. Here are a few ways we can all take action and come together as one community to help those around us and memorialize the events of September 11, 2001:

  1. Donate to Organizations that Help 9/11 Victims – Sixteen years after the disastrous events of that day, many victims are still grieving the loss of loved ones. Consider rallying your volunteers to help one of the many incredible nonprofits that serve 9/11 victims and their families. Tuesday’s Children, originally founded to provide haven to the families that lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks, provides a wide range of supportive programs to children affected by terrorism. Another group, VOICES of 9/11, organizes support services and annual commemorative events for 9/11 families, rescue workers and survivors. And there are many more worthy causes that focus on helping out victims of that tragic day, along with their families.
  1. Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey – The citizens of Houston, Texas have suffered greatly from the unprecedented flooding caused by Tropical Storm Harvey. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the rising water caused by a week of rainfall that has flooded homes and engulfed roadways. You can help out those who have lost everything by donating to national organizations such as the American Red Cross, or the local Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund set up by Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner.
  1. Donate Blood – Another fantastic way to help out your fellow man is by donating blood to a charitable organization. With cities around the US reporting dire blood shortages, now is the opportune time to schedule a donation over your lunch hour. There are numerous organizations that operate blood donation centers locally and nationally. The American Red Cross operates blood drives around the country and you can locate upcoming drives on their website. Check online for local organizations that operate blood drives specifically for your local community.

There is no doubt that the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 will be difficult for many. And so, let’s honor the spirit and sacrifice of the many brave men and women who lost their lives that day by coming together as a community and committing to giving back.

Volunteer Managers, what do you and your organization have planned to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of 9/11?  We’d love to hear them. Connect with us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to share!