Volunteer Fast-Pass

The Volunteer Fast-Pass: For Repeat Volunteers

Most volunteers give their time to more than one organization each year. Unfortunately, each organization often requires you to go through a different, separate onboarding process that almost always requires yet another round of volunteer screening.

Not if you are a part of the Sterling Volunteers network.

Once you have been verified in our network, you can get a Volunteer Fast-Pass – the first and only shareable background check that makes it easy to volunteer for multiple organizations.

With the Volunteer Fast-Pass, you can securely reuse your volunteer background check again and again with other service organizations our network. You’ll avoid the frustrating wait times of undergoing another volunteer screening, as well as help the organizations you volunteer with save on the costs associated with running a pointless background check.

How the Volunteer Fast-Pass Works

After buying the Volunteer Fast-Pass for a small fee, you can share your background check with an unlimited number of organizations for an entire year before you’ll need to complete another background screening.

Organizations that accept your Volunteer Fast-Pass are not burdened by the cost of paying for another background check, which means they can onboard you and get you to work much faster. As an added bonus, nonprofits and volunteers can earn rebates by using this shareable background check, further reducing costs.

It’s a win-win for all involved.

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There’s no cost to join Sterling Volunteers.

You only pay for your background screening and the cost of your Volunteer Fast-Pass.

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