Sterling Volunteers & Positive Coaching Alliance


Receive Affordable, Quality, Compliant Background Checks Quickly

The youth sports sector has been plagued with low-quality background checks and is a big contributor in creating unsafe environments for children and youth on and off the field. To help break down and change this trend, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) formed a strategic partnership with Sterling Volunteers, an industry thought leader and trusted advisor in background screening.

Our partnership provides PCA partner organizations and coaches with an essential service for maintaining safer environments for everyone involved, without sacrificing quality. Sterling Volunteers provides thorough, compliant background checks, at lowered prices, to help safeguard your organization, assets, reputation and people. Clients are seeing a 52% reduction in their screening programs due to the cost saving measures Sterling Volunteers offers.

Click here if you are an organization or PCA partner and want to learn more how Sterling Volunteers can help streamline efficiencies for your background screening program.

Click here if you are a coach and would like to order your own quality background check that you can provide to the organization you coach for – It is an easy 4-step ordering process that takes less than 5 minutes!