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Screening company announces partnership

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Date: May 10, 2017

Sterling Volunteers, which provides background screening services for nonprofit organizations, announced a partnership with Plan to Protect, which focuses on abuse prevention.

The companies encourage a “holistic approach” to risk management that includes accurate and compliant background checks and robust safety assessment and training, executives said. Sterling Volunteers allows volunteers to order, management and share background checks via a secure online platform.

“Our expectation must be that the most vulnerable among us are served in an environment free of physical, sexual or psychological harm,” says Katie Zwetzig, executive director at Sterling Volunteers. “We have expanded the breadth and depth of background checks available to volunteer programs and have worked to close other potential gaps that might challenge organizations through products such as identity validation. By partnering with Plan to Protect, we add another highly effective security and protection option for those organizations we work with to even better mitigate risk within the service sector.”

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