Sterling Volunteers & National VOAD

National VOAD & Sterling Volunteers Making Disaster Situations Safer

Safety & Security are a top Priority

When disasters strike, volunteers are often at the forefront of your organization’s response effort. But before just anyone volunteers with your organization, it’s important for them to be properly vetted with a quality background check – helping you feel confident in the safety of those you serve.

Working Sterling Volunteers platform allows you to:

  • Gain access to a community of pre-vetted volunteers who can share their background check with your organization.
  • Remain confident in your volunteers after their initial screening with Sterling Volunteers free monthly updates.
  • Save money on your background screening by allowing (or requiring) volunteers to pay for all or part of their screening – or ask for an optional contribution.
  • Remove the administrative burden of screening – Sterling Volunteers is integrated with National VOAD’s volunteer intake portal as well as over 20 other volunteer management systems which allows you to easily manage your volunteer background screening program.
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