Sterling Volunteers & Innovative Mentoring

Innovative Mentoring & Sterling Volunteers Working Together

Your Organization’s Safety & Security are a Top Priority

Sterling Volunteers’ integration with your Innovative Mentoring Software allows you to:

  • Remove the administrative burden of screening – Sterling Volunteers is integrated within Innovative Mentoring Software, saving you time, money and the hassle of working with two separate systems.
  • Give volunteers the option to pay – Preserve your budget by allowing (or requiring) volunteers to pay for all or part of their screening – or asking for an optional contribution. Our clients report saving an average of 40% on screening thanks to volunteer contributions
  • Enjoy peace of mind with monthly monitoring – Other checks are “one and done”. Ours are automatically updated each month so you stay protected.
  • Make more informed decisions – Our background checks are the most comprehensive and accurate available and include the Department of Justice Sex Offender Search – the only up-to-date, comprehensive source of sex offender information.
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