Protecting Vulnerable Populations: Whose Responsibility is it?

Posted Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

Reality television shows have become the rage in the past ten years. One that has intrigued me is “Undercover Boss.” Each episode features a high-ranking executive or the owner of a corporation going undercover as an entry-level employee to investigate how the company really works and to identify how it can be improved; as well, to reward the hard working staff. The executive alters his/her appearance and assumes an alias and fictional back-story. The employee is exposed to a series of predicaments and invariably spends time getting to know the people who work for the company, learning about their professional and personal challenges.

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Case Study: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

Posted Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

For many years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee used a different background check provider. Myron Harvey, the agency’s Engagement & Enrollment Specialist – and the individual responsible for managing the criminal background screening process for the agency – found the turnaround times to be slow and inconsistent. Worse, the volunteers regularly pointed out omissions on background checks, putting their accuracy in question. Click on the image below to read how Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee switched to Sterling Volunteers – and improved their background screening process – in the complete case study (pdf format).

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Advocacy in a Time of Anger

Posted Thursday, September 8th, 2016 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

In donation and transplantation, we’re out in the community with a very specific goal: to save and heal more lives by helping folks say YES.

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How Do You Recognize Your Volunteers? More Fun Ideas for Volunteer Appreciation to Try At Your Organization

Posted Thursday, September 1st, 2016 by Sterling Volunteers Staff

National Volunteer Week may be in April, but that does not mean you can’t celebrate, recognize and show appreciation for your volunteers all throughout the year. We know volunteer organizations are always looking for new, fun ways to show volunteers how truly grateful they are for the time and energy volunteers put into the work they do. We scoured the web and asked some of your peers – what are they doing to show appreciation. Here are some unique suggestions.

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